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Chiropractic Care for Large and Small Animals

Welcome and thank you for choosing Las Vegas Animal Chiropractic! Your choice ensures your animal will receive excellent treatment and care. Dr. Carter has been practicing animal chiropractic in the Las Vegas valley for over 13 years. His mobile practice is unique by offering in-home visits to quickly maximize your animal’s health. Before the first visit, Dr. Carter will consult with your veterinarian to ensure he can provide treatment during your initial appointment.

  • The price for the first consultation, evaluation, and treatment is $129.
  • Follow up visits within one calendar year are $99.
  • An additional small animal at the same location is $45.

Please schedule appointments with our client ambassador, D’anna, via phone or text at 702-703-1866. Dr. Carter allots a 2-hour appointment window to allow for adequate appointment and commute times.

Travel Fee:
While we will prefer not to charge a travel fee and will work with you to schedule your appointment when Dr. Carter is in your area, if the appointment is not on Dr. Carter’s scheduled route, a $60.00 travel fee may be assessed. You will be told in advance if a travel fee will be charged.

Cancellation Policy:
In order to keep our mobile chiropractic practice efficient and affordable, we require at least 48 hours notice of cancellation of any appointment. If you do not contact D’Anna, via phone or text at 702-703-1866 to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance, you will be charged a $45 cancellation fee. Reminders will be sent prior to your appointment. If Dr. Carter arrives to your appointment and you are not home, there will be a $99 no-show fee assessed. If you have any doubts about being able to meet in the allotted two-hour time window, we suggest you call D’Anna at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time to reschedule for the next time Dr. Carter has availability in your area.

Dr. Carter reserves the right to cancel or reschedule your visit due to inclement weather or unforeseen traffic events.

More information and an updated schedule can be found at Facebook- Las Vegas Animal Chiropractic or the webpage at

We look forward to meeting with you and providing chiropractic care for your animal.

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