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Animal owners trust us to look after the chiropractic needs of their beloved companions. We are dedicated to delivering the very highest quality of home animal chiropractic care throughout Las Vegas.

This Great Dane, Mr. Bojangles, receives regular animal chiropractic adjustments

Mr. Bojangles

After Dr. Carter adjusted him. I wish you could have seen Bojangles’ face: He literally smiled as he walked, showing how much better he instantly felt from the adjustment. As done throughout his life, we’ll continue with regular veterinarian, chiropractic, massage and nutrient care since it proves to be empowering for our magnificent Great Dane athlete.

– Zee M.

Extreme Vertical World Champion, Rex, receives regular animal chiropractic adjustments

Extreme World Vertical Champion, Rex

Just wanted to pass on the grrrrreat news that Rex won the Extreme Vertical World Championships. It will air on the Outdoor Channel in a couple of months. He was a machine at worlds, hitting new personal bests all weekend, he hit 7’7″ in EV on the Friday, then 7’8″ on Saturday and another 7’8″ on Sunday to win the cup. He also took 2nd in Speed Retrieve and the World Record holder beat us and actually broke the record on us during her last run. He came 4th in Iron Dog which is a compilation of all 3 disciplines within DockDogs (Extreme Vertical, Speed Retrieve and Big Air). A super great weekend for him. We swear by his chiro visit with you every month and wanted to pass on the good news that your help with him has been a big part of his accomplishments!

– Lianne H.

Within moments of his treatment by Dr. Carter, Freckles was able to stand again after a fall left him unable to bear weight on his hind leg.


Dr. Carter first treated Freckles in the summer of 2009. Freckles had fallen and was unable to bear weight on his hind leg. Within moments of his first adjustment, he was standing squarely on all four feet, able to back up & appeared to be free of any discomfort. I have used Dr. Carter faithfully for the past 2 years for maintenance and couldn’t be happier with the results. Freckles is maintaining better balance and free-flowing motion in all his strides and I’m sure his regular chiropractic treatments are playing a key role in this. Thank you, Dr. Carter.

– Becky G.

Treatment by Dr. Carter has helped Joey, a black Cockapoo regain use of his back legs.
Maverick also benefits from regular animal chiropractic care by Dr. Carter

Joey & Maverick

Joey is my little black cockapoo that came to me paralyzed with no use of his back legs. He was 15 pounds overweight and had problems with slipped discs in his back. After weeks of containment and limited movement he was able to stand and eventually walk. I heard about Dr. Carter and made an appointment. After the first visit, Joey walked like a normal dog and not like Charlie Chaplin! With regular chiropractic care and weight loss, Joey is an active part of the family and runs circles around his buddy Maverick. Maverick also benefits from Dr. Carter’s visits!

– Rhonda M.

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