Initial House call/farm visit for new patients


Follow-up visit within 1 year


Additional dog or small animal at the same location

$59.00 for the Las Vegas valley. The trip charge may be waived if the appointment is on the normal route and/or the number of animals receiving treatment meets the required minimum. Fee costs include chiropractic evaluation and chiropractic treatment small animals include dogs, cats, and some exotics.

Advanced Chiropractic Care.

Most animals will demonstrate some immediate changes post treatment. However, it may take a couple of days for the animal to experience the full benefits of the adjustments and to see any behavioral and / or physical changes. Please give your animal 1 to 2 days of light activity after an adjustment.

A follow up visit is recommended two to four weeks after the first visit to determine changes and to reassess your pet. Long and short term recommendations for care can usually be determined at this point. Each patient is unique and requires individual attention for maximum benefits to occur. If at any point you see a return to some old habits in your animal, call and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Dr. Carter will be glad to help you check the fit of your saddle. He will check the angle of the tree of your saddle and ensure your saddle is not too small. If the saddle is large enough to fit your horse then he will have you ride with special pads to locate and determine how to eliminate any pressure spots. Even highly experienced riders notice an increase in performance and comfort. Saddles should be checked periodically as the conditioning of the horse has a significant impact on how the saddle will fit.